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In search of a new home! To find out more information, click here!


In search of a new home! To find out more information, click here!

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summer camp

Summer Camp


The Mountain Top Children’s Museum, Inc. offers an 11+ week summer program packed full of projects, art antics, and crazy experiments.

Come explore nature, create from loose parts, and use your noodle to figure things out.


Each camp week is based on an exciting theme that offers children opportunities to be creative, inquisitive, and adventurous.


June 6 – August 28, 2019 (closed July 4th)


Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm.
*Early drop off available for fee

Day Camp Location

555 South Park Avenue

Breckenridge, CO

(In the Village at Breckenridge 7 - 14 Ski School facility. 
Back side of same building as the Museum Exhibit by Maggie Pond)

Scholarships available upon need, contact us for an application.

For registration, pricing and questions call 970-333-7353

or email 

Mountain Top Children's Museum Summer Camp 2019 - Ages

Trail Blazers                        Ages 5 - 7

* The original program offering all that camp has to offer with special care for your little one.

Mountaineers                     Ages 8-10

* This program will challenge the mind and body. Adventures will include all field trips, brainteasers projects and zany experiments.


Mountain Top Mentors    Ages 11-14

* Be a leader to the campers and help the teachers with activities and counselor responsibilities. Space is limited per day. 

• Lunch required. Two snacks will be provided 

2019 Summer Camp Themes

1) June 6-7                       Kick Off

It's the first week of summer! With half of the week in school and the other half getting our summer wiggles out, anything goes for these two days! ​

2) June 10-14                   Sky High

This week we're taking camp to the skies! Discover the science behind the ways to shoot items into the air, create your own airplane, and find ways to make everyday items fly! 

3) June 17-21                    Lights, Camera, Action!

Step into the spotlight, create a radio show, and become a movie star.  Make puppets, masks, and props from your imagination and put on a five star production!  Create your own product and make a commercial, share your hidden talents.  Lights, camera, action!

4) June 24-28                   Weird Science

Come step into the world of science! We’ll be experimenting with molecule machines, vortex generators, powerful polymers, flying soda and so much more. Learn the secrets of dry ice, how to make a screaming balloon and launch potatoes across Maggie pond!

5) July 1,2,3,5                    Holiday Palooza

Dive into a week full of celebration! Explore the different holidays each culture celebrates while painting the town red for our very own Independence Day. 

6) July 8-12                       Green Machine

It's time to teach the next generation how easy it is to be green! Learn how to determine the health of Blue River, know what can be recycled in your home, and tell your friends all the different ways you've learned to protect our Earth! 

7) July 15-19                      Let it Flow - 07/17/19 - Dog Wash

Prepare to get wet in our week full of water!  Learn the properties of H2O, create an original watercolor painting, and sink a submarine.  Spend a day on the “beach”, design a boat, and prepare to get wet!

Mark your calendar for the 13th Annual Dog Wash Fundraiser on Wednesday, July 17th!

8) July 22-26                      Totally Gross

It’s slime time as we work with purple potion, mix up a batch of glurp, and stir together some crazy concoctions.  Make fungus among us, learn about molds and spores, and about the human body INSIDE and out.  Groups will come make up a recipe for homemade snot and learn about all sorts of gross things.

9) July 29 - Aug 2              Adventureland

Discover more ways of why we love to live in Colorado! Join us for a hike to a gold mine, learn how to fly fish, and feel confident going on an adventure with only the items in your backpack. 

10) Aug 5-9                          Art Antics

Find your creativity all week using multiple types of mixed media! Create your own chandelier out of yarn, let different types of music inspire your art, and discover different forms of art that have been used through centuries. 

11) Aug 12-16                      STEMology

Time to put your thinking caps on! Jump into the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! Invent and build from parts and pieces and investigate old appliances by taking them apart. Design your own catapult using only the materials given and see if your catapult launches the furthest!


12) Aug 19-23                      Mission Impossible

Become a spy and complete the secret mission! Explore how a detective thinks and use special gadgets to decode messages before they self destruct.

13) Aug 26-28                      Nuggetville

Enjoy all that camp has to offer while the big kids are in school! This week is all about the Kindergarteners. It's their camp, their way until the big day. 

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